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Discover the Best Kept Secrets on How to Find, Communicate, and Market to Your Ideal Customers While Turning them Into Your Raving FANS!

Join us for the first of its kind, most in-depth, start-to-finish event on cultivating customer experiences that help you disrupt your industry and gain a leg up on your competitors. Pro Service and Top Shop 360 members get one registration to the invitational included with their membership!

You need to attend this exclusive, Elite Invitational Workshop, and here’s why…

This All-Encompassing Customer Experience Workshop Will Reveal:

  • What your ideal customers think via a detailed Customer Panel Discussion. Take a peek inside their minds and learn what’s important to them, and what you need to know to convert them into lifelong clients. (This can give you an incredible edge over your competitors).
  • How to identify your ideal customer through a comprehensive leader-led walkthrough. (This can save you a fortune in advertising, and help you bring in the customers that are perfect for you and your shop).
  • Secret communication strategies used by global companies that dominate their competition. (This is where you’ll learn how to create marketing materials that speak directly to your ideal customers).
  • The never discussed strategies on how to retain your customers and turn them into a loyal clients, because they know that YOU KNOW what’s best for their vehicle and themselves. (This is where you’ll learn techniques to wow your customers in ways unlike any other).

Shops that know their ideal customer are the ONLY shops that unlock their full potential. Will yours?

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Join us for this 2-day, 4-part workshop and learn...

What Your Customers REALLY Think About You and Your Shop

At this industry-first, four-part workshop you will be surrounded by the top shop owners in America, and by the time you leave you’ll know how your customers think, how to identify your ideal customers, how to best market to them, and how to turn them into raving fans.

During the first part you’ll hear from a panel of ideal customers as to what makes them tick. These are people that depend on their vehicles, they’re a joy to work with, and they have the money to fix their vehicles right. They’ll all be on stage, and during this special event you’ll learn from them how they find the right shop, what turns them on and turns them off, how they feel about your pricing and a whole lot more.

Not only are you going to be blown away with what you hear from the panelists, but you’ll be able to ask them questions as well! On top of that, we will have former Harvard faculty and current UCSD Marketing Professor Uma Karmarkar to speak on the psychology on how potential customers make decisions, what influences them with digital marketing, and more.

There’s no doubt; By attending this event, you’ll have a great understanding as to how your ideal customers think, what’s most important to them, what they think of your pricing, and what you need to do to turn them into raving fans.

How to Identify the Perfect Customer for YOUR Shop

In addition to knowing how your customers think, knowing who the ideal customer is for your particular shop is also critical to your success. This is why companies like Apple, Disney, Nike and every other successful company knows exactly who their ideal customers are. They know their gender, their approximate age, their education, where they spend their time and money, and a whole lot more.

In knowing this they can tailor their marketing campaigns to those people, not waste their money by advertising to the wrong people, and better ensure they have the right people as their customers. The good news for you is, now you can do the same thing.

As an industry first, at this Elite Invitational Workshop you will hear from the industry leader Joe Marconi, who’s not only a top shop owner, but who was the Keynote speaker at the Ratchet & Wrench conference, and a columnist for them as well. Joe will walk you through the steps he took with his company to identify his ideal customers, and we’ll also provide you with all the tools and instructions you need to identify the ideal customers for your particular shop. This will allow you to ensure all of your marketing efforts are directed toward the customers that you’d love to see, leading to higher sales, higher profits and happier customers, all at the same time.

Marketing Tips that Your Competitors WISH They Knew

Once you understand what really does go on inside of your targeted customer’s mind, and you’ve identified who those ideal customers, you’ll then need to market to them in a way that speak directly to them, and confirms in their mind your shop is the perfect shop for them.

Accordingly, at this Elite Invitational Workshop you will be learning from one of the nation’s top marketing experts. During this powerful session you’ll learn the basics in advertising, and best kept secrets that are used by world-leading companies for creating compelling ads that speak directly to your targeted customers.

You may never again have the chance to learn from someone of this caliber, so we are confident what you discover during this session will save you a fortune in advertising, it’ll help you fill your bays with the right customers, and it’ll turn your shop into the talk of the town.

The Secrets to Keeping your Customers for a Lifetime & Turning them into Raving FANS

When it comes to customer service, there is only one company that stands above all the rest, and it’s the world-renowned Ritz-Carlton. At Elite we wanted to ensure the Invitational was not only an event unlike any other, but we wanted to provide you with training that will change your life as well as how you operate your business. Accordingly, we hired the Ritz-Carlton, and you’ll not only hear their best-kept secrets, but you’ll discover just how easy it is to create a caring culture that will turn your employees in to customer service professionals, and your customers into raving fans.

Yet the Invitational doesn’t stop there, because you’ll be in for a special treat by hearing from industry icons such as Kevin Vaught, an industry leader who owned a chain of incredibly successful shops who’ll walk you through each step of implementing a New Customer Orientation procedure that will blow your customers away.

You’ll also hear from Darrin Barney, who owns a shop that does over $2,500,000.00 in sales (and who’s featured in countless publications). Darrin will be showing you just how easy it is to perform car deliveries unlike any other, and that will turn your customers into raving fans. Add to that, you’ll learn how to follow up with your customer in a way that’ll set you well apart from all of your competitors.  We will then wrap up the Invitational by providing you with an Action Plan you can use to implement what you’ve learned, and better ensure you have the support of your entire team.

As an added bonus, on Thursday night you’ll be able to join us on a beautiful San Diego Bay Dinner Cruise, hosted by Mitchell 1.

This jam-packed 2-day event taught by Elite industry leaders will change the trajectory of your business forever.

There’s no better time than now. This is your opportunity to network and be shoulder to shoulder with the top performing shop owners in America!

Included with registration is a first night dinner cruise hosted by Mitchell 1 on the Adventure Hornblower, where you’ll get to mingle and network with all of the shop owners at this event, while enjoying a beautiful June evening on the San Diego Bay.

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