#1. Be Committed to and Live by our Mission Statement

Elite’s mission is to use our team of the top experts in America to help automotive professionals reach their goals and live happier lives, while elevating the industry that we love so much. This mission will be accomplished without ever compromising our ethics, or the trust that is placed in us.

#2. Never put Money ahead of People

In making any decision we must always consider the impact it will have on our clients, our industry, our team members and society at large. When a customer should not be charged for the services that have been provided, this is when we must abide by this principle. This is the very, same principle that requires the prices we charge to be commensurate with the value that is delivered. At Elite we will always strive to keep our prices as affordable as possible, and we will never raise our prices just because we are able to do so. Accordingly, and as an industry-leading company, we will encourage our clients, our coaches, and the industry at large, to adopt this guiding principle as well.

#3. Do the Right Things for the Right Reasons

In the workplace we are constantly making decisions, so accordingly we always need to have proven methods for doing so. In making customer-related decisions, many people follow the commonly used rule that states “We should treat others in the way we would want to be treated.”  At Elite we feel this philosophy is flawed because it wrongfully imposes our beliefs and values on others. With the consideration that we will typically have something to either gain or lose, our bias may very well influence our opinion. It is for this reason we often turn to what we refer to as the Elite “Grandmother Test” when making such decisions. By asking ourselves what we believe our grandmothers would feel to be the right decision, we are removing our personal bias, and we are able to feel comfortable that we are making the right decision for the right reasons.

#4.  Know & Embrace the Needs of Each and Every Client

Without question, each and every client is different in countless ways. Knowing that their goals, their beliefs and their concerns are what’s most important to them, these are the things that in all cases must become most important to us. In doing so we are staying true to our Mission Statement, and we are delivering on the promises that we have made to them.

#5. Respect and Serve One Another

The culture of Elite is not only center to our beliefs, but it truly reflects who we are. We are a caring, principle-centered company, so accordingly we cheerfully help one another, not because we have to, but because we choose to do so. By being respectful and considerate of each team member, and by assisting one another in every possible way, we will not only better ensure the success of each of our team members, but we will be demonstrating to others, both within and outside the industry, the beauty and power that is found through selfless people who are on a mission of helping others.

#6. Assume Personal Responsibility & Ownership for the Success of Every Client

As a member of the Elite family, each of us are equally obligated to the success of our clients. It is for this reason that we are to assume complete responsibility for any and all tasks that have been assigned to us. Furthermore, regardless as to our position in the company, when a client contacts any of us, and for any reason, we are to assume complete responsibility for the ultimate resolution of the client’s question or concern. In essence, the first person contacted is to take ownership of the client’s question or concern.

#7. Communicate & Behave in a Way that Makes us all Proud

We can best serve our clients, the brand, and ourselves by having open, honest and considerate communications at all times. This requires each of us to embrace feedback and constructive criticism from others, regardless as to who they are. This guiding principle also requires that we always speak of others in an honest and professional way that would make each of us proud.

Furthermore, how we appear, and how we behave, will have a tremendous impact on the Elite brand, as well as our own, personal reputation. Accordingly, whether in a public or private environment, we are to always dress and behave in a manner that is in line with all of our guiding principles, and presents us at the standard for the industry.

 #8. Cherish Personal Humility & Be Willing to Forgive

As members of the Elite family we must all recognize the strength and talent found in others, and the weaknesses we discover in ourselves. Only by setting our egos aside are we able to truly see and understand the strength and wisdom found in others. In addition, when we do set our egos aside we are then able to learn from others that are doing exceptionally well, and provide them with the positive feedback they have rightfully earned. The humility found through setting our egos aside will not only allow us to become better people, but it will allow us to encourage our peers to do the same, it will allow us to find the ability to forgive others, and it will allow us to better serve as role-models for the industry at large.

#9. Constantly Strive for Exceptionalism

As a member of the Elite family, we are each responsible for setting the industry standard in ethics, professionalism and client accomplishment. Accordingly, this guiding principle requires that we never settle for mediocracy, and that we never stop looking for ways to improve. As a member of the Elite family we must make a life-long commitment to ongoing, self-development in our careers as well as our personal lives. This includes our making a commitment to continued education, to ongoing self-assessments, and to professional evaluations that validate our accomplishments and provide us with a path forward.

#10. Constantly Look for Ways & Opportunities to Give Back to Society

As a member of the Elite family we must constantly look for ways of helping others, both within and outside our industry. This is an inherent, role-modeling responsibility that is by default assumed by all Elite Team members, regardless as to their tenure or position with the company. By applying this guiding principle to your life you will find a more rewarding life, you will be enriching society, and you will be serving as a role-model, not just for your family members and friends, but for society at large.