Shop owners, there’s no secret that today’s business world is more challenging than ever.

The commitment, knowledge, and training needed to run a successful automotive repair have never been more demanding. And this means the demands on you, the business owner, are getting tougher and tougher.

Operating and growing an automotive business today requires extensive knowledge of financials, cost controls, recruiting, and employee management, not to mention a solid marketing and advertising plan.

Elite’s AMI-Accredited Fly with the Eagles is the most complete foundational business course around, and it is exclusively designed for you, the automotive shop owner.

This is a 3-day course, with each day devoted to a new topic, but you can choose the days you’d like to attend. The upcoming course will be held June 13th-15th in Denver, CO!

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When you attend Fly with the Eagles, you learn the essential building blocks of how to run a successful business. After the course, you will be able to:

  • Improve your skills in leadership, time management, and goal setting
  • Find and hire superstar service advisors and technicians
  • Fully understand your shop’s financials and key performance indicators
  • Turn your existing employees into self-motivated superstars
  • Fill your bays with the right kind of customers through new marketing strategies
  • Utilize your step-by-step Action Plan to ensure your ongoing success
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Take a look at what each day at Fly with the Eagles holds:

Day 1 – Business and Personal Development: Leadership, Time Management, and Goal Setting. Find and Hire the Superstars

  • Understand why leadership skills are the foundation of your company
  • Master your time management skills
  • Learn effective goal setting
  • Review your basic leadership skills
  • How to create a workplace environment that attracts superstar candidates
  • Utilize the compensation and incentive secrets used by the most successful shops in America
  • Understand what the top advisors and techs are looking for in an employer
  • Interview candidates like a pro
  • Find and hire great technicians, service advisors, and managers
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Day 2 – Understand your Financial Statements and Cost Controls. Turn your Employees into Superstars – Employee Management

  • Read financial statements like a pro
  • Learn the Key Performance Indicators needed for your success
  • Set achievable targets for your auto repair business
  • Utilize cost control secrets that will do wonders for your net income
  • Utilize proven methods for building morale and increasing productivity
  • Appropriately monitor and measure the productivity of your employees
  • Lead successful employee meetings
  • Conduct employee reviews like a pro
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Day 3 – Marketing Auto Service, Leadership Review, and Next Steps

  • Identify your perfect customer and fill up your service bays with the right customers
  • Avoid the fatal marketing mistakes that most shop owners make
  • Utilize the secrets of successful print advertising, web-based marketing, and word-of-mouth programs that will blow your competition away
  • Become an effective and successful leader
  • Learn your next steps to take your company to the next level
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About The Course

This course is presented by Joe Marconi and Kevin Vaught, former automotive shop owners with decades of knowledge and experience in operating successful automotive companies. Joe and Kevin will share secrets and strategies used by America’s most successful automotive repair shops.

The real magic at every Fly with the Eagles is the networking and relationships created with your peers. You will not only walk away reenergized and ready to take your company to the next level, but you will also have a network of like-minded industry peers that will be valuable resources in your personal and business life.

Lastly and most importantly, Fly with the Eagles will give you the tools and motivation to help your company succeed. However, Elite’s goal is not only to improve your business, and we also strive to help you in your personal life. Our overall objective is to give you the tools to create a balance between business and home, enriching your life along with enriching your company.

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