2 Questions That Your Service Advisors Need to be Asking

Elite’s Certified Sales & Leadership Trainer Jen Monclus shares the 2 questions that your service advisors need to be asking after every conversation with your shop’s customers.

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Hi, everyone. I’m Jen Monclus, Elite certified sales and leadership trainer. I had the master’s program here at Elite and I had some helpful tips that I wanted to share with you, which I’d really encourage your advisors to use at every touchpoint with your customers. So at the end of their conversations, you want to make sure that they implement the two closing questions, and that would sound like one.

“Do you have any other questions for me, Mrs. Jones”? And two, “is there anything else I can help you with today”? What that’s going to do is show a lot of thoroughness, and professionalism. And from the client’s point of view, it’s going to sound like a company that really cares. And what I’d encourage you guys to do is start implementing that, listening to your phone calls, and making sure that your advisors are doing that at the end of every conversation.

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Hope that helps.

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