5 Training Tips That Work

If you want to build a more profitable, successful business, here are five tips that work…

1. If your employees show little or no interest in training, then you may very well have the wrong people working with you. The superstars have a number of things in common, one of which is that they are always looking to improve. This is why the stars will always jump at the opportunity to improve their skills.

2. Whenever possible, your employees should have a vested interest in their ongoing training. If you send an employee to a $200 course, and if you pay for the class, they’re not going to be nearly as attentive as they would be if they were paying the tab, right? So do this: Tell your employees that you’ll pay for half of the tuition, and then 6 months later, if they are meeting your performance goals, you’ll reimburse them for the portion they paid for.

3. Many of the top shops in America mandate that their employees complete a predetermined number of hours each year in ongoing education. If they don’t meet the mark, their pay is reduced, or there is some other form of consequence.

4. Reward those who successfully complete training courses. Beyond just financial rewards, you should recognize these employees at your shop meetings, you can provide rewards that go home to their families, and you can display any certificates they have earned. You can also acknowledge them on your website or blog.

5. Practice what you preach. As a business owner, you should lead by example by constantly developing your own skills. Not only is this good role-modeling, but it will help you keep your business skills razor sharp.

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