8 Steps of Auto Repair Sales Cycle Every Advisor Should Know

This quick video tip from Elite Certified Sales & Leadership Trainer Jen Monclus shares the 8 steps of the sales cycle that every service advisor should follow to generate higher sales and happier customers.

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Hi, everyone. I’m Jen Monclus, Elite certified sales and leadership trainer. I help the master’s program here at Elite and I had some more helpful tips for your advisors if they’re struggling ineffectively communicating clearly with customers, then they’re going to definitely want to take down these steps or pass these along to them when they’re selling any auto repair, there’s a cycle.

It’s basically clear communication, just like any great doctor, technician or lawyer would follow a procedure. This is exactly what this is meant for in the sales capacity. So the first step, step number one that your advisors want to hit is building rapport with your customers, gaining that trust and likability to become a credible expert. Step number two would be fact Finding a really great salesperson is a good detective, asking a lot of questions so that they could do step number three, which is identifying the need.

Once they know the need of the customer, then they can follow step number four, which is identifying the solutions and articulating that out loud to the customer. Step number five would be building interest in value and whatever those solutions may be. So that’s where they’re selling the benefits and features versus talking about parts and labor. Once you’ve done that, you can hit step number six, which is asking for the sale, literally asking the customer for their decision or step number seven would be closing the sale if any questions were to pop up.

This is where your advisor would answer those quickly and move on to the final step. Number eight, which is reselling the service here. They’re just going to do a quick little pat on the back for your customer to help reduce any buyer’s remorse and let them know that they’ve made a really good decision in moving forward with a repair.

So those are eight easy steps just to allow for clear communication from advisor to customer. And if you do that effectively, your sales will go up.

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