A Time Management Tip for Shop Owners

This quick video tip from Joe Marconi, an Elite Business Develop Coach that operates one of the top shops in the country, provides some important time management advice that all shop owners need to hear.

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I am Joe Marconi from Elite. I’m a business development coach and also the owner of a garage in New York. One tip I want to give the shop owners is time management. It’s so important that you concentrate on what’s going to bring you the greatest return for the investment of your time. Now we all have the same amount of time for a day, you know, and for a week.

But what’s most important is sometimes we tend to do too much work, too many hats. So I recommend to you today is decide in your business what are the most important things you need to concentrate on, Work on those things. The top 20% of the things that are going to give you the greatest return for your investment of your time.

Do that and you’re going to move to the top. The success.

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