A Top Shop Owner’s Tip on Motivating Employees

In this quick tip top shop owner and Elite business development coach Gene Morrill shares an easy way to show your employees that you care about them, and motivate them to operate at peak productivity.

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Bob Cooper:
Hi, I’m Bob Cooper, president of the Elite. And I’m thrilled to tell you today I’m joined by a fellow that has an amazing reputation in this industry is Gene Morrill, a fellow that I’ve known for many, many years. And I can tell you, he owns an amazing auto repair shop up in Glendora, California, certified automotive. And Gene has been named, is one of the top shops in America. Not once, not twice, but five years by Motor Age magazine. And from my point of view, that’s a testimonial to his level of success that he’s been able to reach. I’m also pleased to say that he’s a business development coach that works with us, and he’s helped a lot of our clients do amazing things. And earlier you’re giving me a tip about productivity and the things that can be done with improving employee productivity. Could you do that with our audience as well?

Gene Morrill:

Absolutely. Be glad to. We all want to start today on a positive note. One way I found that really helps. That is when you get there in the morning is to walk around, ask every, greet every employee, ask them how they’re doing, and thank them for being part of your company. It just sets the tone for the day. Everybody’s in a good mood and the day just flows so much smoother and more productive. So you make a point when you’re there or you make a point to what I’ll call, touch or communicate with every single guy or gal that works with you. Absolutely. And you know what it does is it gives you insight to what’s going on in their lives as well. Sometimes, you know, even the porter needs a little recognition and a hello in the morning and it really helps. Yeah. And so you get happier employees productivity goes up.

Bob Cooper:

Yep. And I know you got a lot of guys who’ve been with you for like 15, 20 years.

Gene Morrill:

Absolutely. Yeah. My guys are really great staff and even the new guys we want to make them part of our family. So we work hard to greet them and say hello.

Bob Cooper:

Yeah, No wonder you have the tenure that you have. You do a great job with your business. That was a really great tip. Hopefully enjoyed it. Now what I’m going to ask you to do is put it in a place I think you’re going to be really pleased with the results that you see.

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