Are Your Employees Lacking Motivation?

Many company leaders believe that offering higher pay than the competition is enough to attract and retain the best people. However, many studies suggest something different: We have to find a way to tap into the deeper motivational needs of our staff if we want to create and keep the stars!

So what does motivate people to perform at their best? According to Frederick Herzberg, one of the leading psychologists in business management, real motivators include achievement, recognition, meaningful work, responsibility, advancement, and growth. Take the time to ask about each employee’s goals, both personal and professional, and then let them know that it’s your job to help them reach their goals!

Take time out of your day to regularly give genuine praise, communicate your company mission, and empower your people. Start by more regularly trusting their judgment, teaching them to solve their own problems, and soliciting more of their feedback. When your employees know how much you care about them, they’ll see a bright future ahead!

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