Employees in Print Ads – Build Morale and Car Counts!

If you would like to bring in more customers during these competitive times,
and build employee morale all at once, then here’s a guaranteed way to do so
that your competitors would never think of. We have all heard the expression
that a picture is worth a thousand words, and any marketing expert will
certainly agree. So do this… Tell your employees that you are thrilled to have
them as a part of your company, and would like to put their photos in your
local print ads to tell the readers just how proud you are to have them on your
team. Then with each release, insert a good size portrait shot of one of your
employees, along with a short bio and a message of appreciation.

When the people in your community see that familiar face in your ads, in
In many cases they’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that they work at a local
auto repair shop. At Elite, we live by an expression that says “People do
business with people, not with businesses”, so if you want to influence the
people in your community, and if you want to do it in a way that will keep you
well ahead of your competitors, then never forget, not only do people do
business with people, but a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

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