Focus on Your Shop’s People, and the Rest Will Take Care of Itself

Legendary UCLA Basket Coach John Wooden never focused on the score of a game. John Wooden believed that success is achieved by paying attention to the details of the game, not concentrating on the score. He also knew that building a team of well-trained players capable of executing a plan and encouraging personal performance and teamwork, would ultimately lead to success. Under his leadership, the UCLA Bruins hold the record with 11 Division 1 NCAA Championships and 10 national titles in 12 seasons, including 7 straight wins from 1967 to 1973. His strategy of focusing on people and team spirit brought out the very best that each player had to offer his team. His record is a testament to his strategy.

As business owners, we often get caught up in the numbers of the business. I am not suggesting that the numbers are not important. Shop owners need to understand all the financial aspects of business. But a business, just like any team, will reach high levels of success if the organization has the right people in place, pays attention to all the details, and creates an environment where the focus is on team spirit and achieving the personal best of each individual.

With this strategy, the numbers (the score), will take care of themselves.

This article was contributed by Joe Marconi. Joe is one of the top shop owners in the country, and a business coach who helps other shop owners reach their goals through the Elite Coaching Program.

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