Generate Happier, Smilier Customers

Want happier customers? Here’s a tip! You’ve got to get your customers smiling when they think of your brand. Look at the Geico Lizard, the Aflac Duck, and Flo with Progressive. These companies know that in order to sell something as negative as insurance, they have to get you into a great state of mind where you smile when you think of them. It’s no different in our business. I can’t think of many customers who look forward to coming in to have repairs done with us. For this reason, just like the insurance companies, we have to work hard to get our customers smiling. There’s no better way to beat out the competition!

Since service advisors are the faces of our companies, they should be consistently maintaining a positive approach when engaging customers. This should carry all the way through to presenting the sale. This approach will cause the positive energy to rub off on your customers, but equally as important, this positive approach demonstrates a belief in what’s being sold. For example, just imagine how your customer is going to feel when your advisor confidently says, “I have great news! We’re going to be able to solve these problems and get you back on the road for that birthday dinner this evening! You’re in good hands, Mr. Jones!”, and then continues to point out the positives by saying, “The great news in doing the engine air filter replacement is that it’s going to improve gas mileage, reduce emissions, improve acceleration, increase the engine life and improve your overall drivability! In other words, Mr. Jones, it’ll save you time, money, help protect the environment and give you peace of mind.”

When used appropriately and with intuitiveness to each customer and each situation, this kind of approach is a real win for the brand as well as for the customer. Just be careful that your advisors don’t get carried away and tell a customer, “I’ve got great news Mr. Jones: You’re going to need an engine!” The bottom line? Happy people buy and return again and again! Let’s make your brand one that stands out for all of the right reasons.

This tip was provided by Doris Barnes of Elite, one of the expert sales trainers that helps service advisors increase sales and customer satisfaction through Elite’s Masters Service Advisor Training Program.

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