Increase Productivity While Saving Your Shop Money

It’s only natural that most of your employees would like to take their
vacations during the summer. Unfortunately, that’s typically your busiest time,

Let’s say you have a technician who typically produces 50 hours a week
during your peak summer months, but during the month of February, when your car
counts are lower, he typically produces just 38 hours a week. If you bill at
$90.00 per hour, and if you are operating at a part-to-labor ratio of .75 to 1,
then those twelve additional hours would represent an additional $1,890.00 in
sales! So rather than losing that additional income, do this…

Review your shop’s historical performance to determine the months when your
techs typically produce the least amount of billable hours. Compare those
months to your peak summer months, and then provide off-season vacation
incentives that will work for you as well as your technicians. You can tell
them if they take their vacations during one of the off-season months, you’ll
be happy to provide them with a ski-pass, an extra day of vacation, etc.
Obviously, they are not forced to take advantage of the offer, but if they
decide to do so, it can be a big win for them, and a win for your bank account
at the same time.

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