Praise Your Auto Shops Employee

Elite Director of Customer Relations Doris Barnes shares why it’s so important to be deliberate about catching your shop’s employees doing things right, and giving them the appropriate praise.

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Hi, I’m Doris Barnes, director with Elite Worldwide, and I just wanted to bring a quick tip to you today on employee management. One of the things that is so important that we keep in mind is that we really always need to praise our people, praise our staff, and be prepared to catch them doing things right. And you’re going to have to be intensely intentional about that. And you may Some of you may be familiar with the phrase Any behavior that continues is being rewarded. So find opportunities to catch your people doing a great job, whether they meet a goal. And that’s that definition of success that you want to praise them for, or whether you just see them giving a really great effort, take the time, pull them aside, and let them know in a very heartfelt way that, you know what, you really did a great job and it’s an honor to have you be a part of this team. So thanks so much, everybody. Make sure to praise your staff and look for those opportunities.

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