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Your customers are far more likely to believe what they see than what they hear, because being able to visualize a problem and solution provides them with verifiable information that makes their decisions easier.

To help your customers visualize the benefits of Diagnostic services, the first step is to pinpoint the three most common vehicle-specific customer concerns that lead to diagnostic services (i.e. the check engine light on Toyota Camrys). Next, put together individual packets that contain a typical scan report, flow chart, and the TSBs that are relative to these vehicle-specific concerns. This way, when you are recommending a diagnostic service, instead of just telling the Camry customer what you are going to do, you can say something like, “As a matter of fact, Ms. Barnes, let me show you what we discovered on a Camry that was in here just the other day for that same issue.”

When you show them the Camry documents, you’ll help them visualize the benefits of the diagnostic service, you’ll build their curiosity in what you’ll be able to discover with their vehicle, and you’ll provide them with the information they need to make an educated decision on the diagnostic service.

Great doctors use sample lab reports for a reason. Start using these sample diagnostic reports to help your customers visualize the benefits, and watch your sales increase accordingly.

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