These 5 Basics Are Key to Your Shop’s Success

1) Complete & Thorough Inspections – Always use the “100% Rule”: “100% Of Your Customers – Need to Know 100% of The Time – 100% of What is Wrong With Their Vehicle”. It is our obligation as automotive professionals to always keep the customer informed about the condition of their vehicle.

2) Taking the Time Necessary to Discuss Any Findings With The Customer – Too many times the customer feels rushed to make a decision, which makes them uncomfortable with any decision they make. This creates buyer’s remorse and usually ends up with a customer going home and comparing prices on the internet.

3) Complete & Thorough Estimates – Always provide the customer with a complete & thorough written estimate. Prioritize the needed repairs in 3 categories: “Safety Related”, “Worn & Failure is Eminent”, and “Required Scheduled Maintenance Items”. Let the customer tell you what they want and can afford right now, don’t assume you know. Inform & educate the customer, then, let them decide.

4) Vehicle Delivery – This is the most important “touch point” you have with a customer. Always take time to ensure that your customer understands everything on the invoice. Re-sell the service you provided and make certain they have no questions before leaving your shop.

5) Customer Follow-Up – All new customers and most repair customers need to be called personally by someone at the shop, and be simply asked “How did we do?” I think this needs to be done daily!

This tip was provided by Kevin Vaught, the previous owner of some of the most successful shops in the country, and who currently helps shop owners reach their goals through the Elite Coaching Program:

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