Why You Need to Coach Your Shop’s Employees

Superstar shop owner and Elite Business Development coach Rudi Rudloff explains the critical difference between “training” and “coaching” your auto repair shop’s employees.

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Bob Cooper:
Hi, I’m Bob Cooper, the president of Elite. Thanks so much for joining us today. Today, I’m thrilled to tell you I’m actually joined by a dear friend of mine, a gentleman that I’ve known for many years, Rudi Rudloff. He actually owned and operated one of the top shops in America, a Mercedes-only shop. Today. He works with us as a business development coach and he does an outstanding job. Rudi, you had a comment that you shared with me earlier that sort of intrigued me and it had to do a coaching and training. Do you mind sharing it with our audience?

Rudi Rudloff:

Yeah, no, not at all. Bob. You know, most of our shop owners are our technicians, you know, and we really a lot of times forget that our job now is really to be coaching to our technicians and managers and not really them telling them or giving them the answers correctly. And a lot of times it makes it a little difficult for us to kind of differentiate or separate us from that. But really in the long term, that’s what we really need to do. We need to coach our people into getting the right answers instead of teaching them or giving them an easy. So bring it out of them. They have ownership in it. They have it. They own it. I believe so. And the results are much better.

Bob Cooper:

There you go. Like you heard it from a fellow that walks the walk. If anybody knows that, it’s really rude. Love, Rudy, thanks for joining us. Did a great job. Thanks. Thank you.

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