Why Your Shop Needs Customer-Focused Sales Goals

Superstar shop owner and Elite Coach Joe Marconi shares why shop owners ALWAYS need to have their customers’ best interest in mind when setting sales goals.

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Bob Cooper:
Hi, I’m Bob Cooper, president of Elite. And I’m pleased to say today I’m joined by Joe Marconi. He’s a friend of mine that I’ve known for many years. For decades. He owns a wholesale garage in New York, an amazing business. He also writes for Ratchet & Wrench. He also has an auto shop owner, a really wonderful form, and he does lots and lots of really wonderful seminars for us, actually presents the entire Fly with the Eagles course and does an amazing job there, too. And Joe, you had a really great tip that you were talking to me earlier about. Yeah. I thought if you could share with the audience, it would be very well received, I’m sure.

Joe Marconi:

Sure. Well, we all did the set sales goals when you serve as advisors, but you’ve got to be careful when you set those goals that you not only yet to track those goals, track those sales, but sometimes when sales go up, so do comebacks. So you have to make sure you don’t incentivize the wrong behavior. But the right behavior is very, very important. So set those goals where you want to set them for the right reasons and make sure that they never lose sight of the customer and do the right things for the right reasons. But you don’t want the sales to go up. You don’t want the comebacks to go up to increase your labor costs, increase your point cost. So just be careful with that and you’ll do fine. So everybody’s got to keep their eye not only on the sales but happy customers and the expenses that come along with those added sales as well. And track those customer follow-ups and the CSI customer service scores. And just make sure that you’re doing the right things for the customers and tracking everything.

Bob Cooper:

Well, there you go. You just heard it from a fellow that walks a walk. Joe is proven up with this business, does an amazing job for us. Take this what Joe just shared with you. Sit down, take a look at your pay programs and make sure, like Joe says, that you don’t just incentivize your guys with sales without having the other safeguards in place. Like Joe. You nailed it. Great tip. Thanks so much. Thanks for doing a great job for us, too. Thanks, Joe.

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