A Holiday Season Checklist For Top Shop Owners

Shop Management

By Bob Cooper:

The top shop owners in America know one way of staying ahead of their competitors is by having the right goals in place, properly planning for the months and years ahead, and having a list of action items that will lead to their success. As we are coming into the holiday season, and while many shop owners will be frantically trying to guess as to what COVID and the economy are going to bring next, the industry leaders realize there are a number of fundamentals they can’t overlook.

My objective with this article is to provide you with a “checklist” of time-tested action items that will help you remain laser-focused, and better ensure your holiday season is one of the best ever. Once you have read this list, I would strongly encourage you to print a copy, and then check off each of the items once completed. If you do, I am confident you will be pleased with the results, and you’ll find this holiday season to be unlike any other.

Holiday Checklist

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