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So What’s Your Shop’s Competitive Advantage?

Shop Management

Jim Murphy

by Jim Murphy , Partner

Creating a list of your
competitive advantages will help every shop owner to position their business in
the market. It is an advantage that enables you to survive against competition
over a long period of time. In today’s era of hyper-competition, shop owners
are better able to capture the customers they are looking for if they plan to
create and focus on what sets them apart. New customers want it quicker,
cheaper, and they want it their way. Work with your staff and customers to come
up with what sets you apart. Some thought starters would be: shuttle service,
loaner cars, complimentary car wash, after hours drop off and nationwide
warranty, to name a few.

This article was brought to
you by Jim Murphy. Jim is the leader of Elite’s prestigious
ProService, a 20 group-like community comprised of 90 of the top shop
owners in North America

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