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Ensure a Great End to Your Shop’s Year – Incentives are the Answer!

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Bob Cooper

by Bob Cooper , President

During November and December it’s easy for people in the auto service and repair business to find excuses for why their sales are down. They’ll tell themselves that people have the holiday season on their minds, they’re busy shopping instead of taking good care of their automobiles, etc. Don’t buy into any of these excuses!

What you need to do is offer your employees some really attractive performance rewards for reaching specific productivity goals by year’s end.  Sales goals for your service advisors and flagged hour goals for your technicians need to be in place. In addition to financial rewards, you can offer your crew some really attractive tool incentives, extra vacation days and gift certificates that they can take home to their families. By offering a year-end incentive program, you will keep your entire crew focused on what needs to be accomplished. There is no expense if the goals aren’t reached, and these incentives are a great way for you to close out the year well ahead of your competitors!

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