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Everything You’d Like to Know about Elite’s Pro Service – The Industry’s #1 Peer Group

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An educational session by Bob Cooper & Jim Murphy of Elite

Are you currently in a peer group? Have you wondered if there is a better option for you? Have you thought about joining a group, or do you simply sometimes wonder what makes the industry’s number one group so different from all the rest? Have you found yourself wondering as to how a peer group can help you and your shop? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, then this is one webinar you won’t want to miss. This information packed, 45 minute session (followed by 15 minutes of Q&A) is not a sales pitch, and no one will be contacting you unless you’d like for us to do so. By watching this is what you will experience…

1. You will learn how and why Bob Cooper (the President of Elite) and Jim Murphy (the industry’s number one Facilitator) came together and started Pro Service.
2. You will learn about the caliber of shop owners in Pro Service, and we are confident you will be amazed as to just how successful they all are.
3. You will learn about the online meetings, the shop visits, the live industry-acclaimed conferences & training, and how the colleagues collaborate on projects.
4. You will learn about the hundreds of resources available to our Pro Service Colleagues, that are truly unlike any other in the ways they can help you with marketing, sales, recruiting, employee management, profitability, business growth and continuity, and a whole lot more.
5. You will learn about the requirements for entry into Pro Service, how your area would be protected, the pricing, and what makes Pro Service unlike any other peer group, guaranteed.

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