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Increase Car Counts and Employee Morale


After your employees have been with you for a probationary period of time,
they should all be given their own business cards. This includes your
technicians, shuttle drivers, lot attendants, etc. First of all, just like with
your managers and services advisors, this shows that you view them as an
important part of your company, too. This will create a greater sense of pride,
and will increase the probability that these employees will actively promote your

Beyond just giving them business cards, tell your technicians and all
support staff that with any first-time customer they recommend to you, you will
pay them a 3% commission on whatever that customer spends at your shop (or
dealership service dept.) within the first 90 days of their initial visit. As
with any business, if you would like your employees to promote your company,
there are two things you will need to provide them with: An incentive, and the
proper tools.

Your management staff and service advisors should not be eligible for this
referral commission because it’s their job to bring in new customers. On the
other hand, it’s not the job of your techs and support staff to do so. You’re
going to invest money in advertising anyways, so why not give it to your
employees rather than the media?

When I was still in the auto repair business, I used this tip to grow some
really great shops. You should too.

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