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Remodeling Your Service Counter?

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At Elite, we realize that the
very first thing a service advisor needs to do with first-time customers is
build rapport. Making good eye contact, smiling and shaking the customer’s hand
are all part of that process, so when a customer comes in to your facility, the
last thing in the world you need is a barrier between your advisor and the
customer. Ironically, that’s exactly what most service counters are, and most
shops have them for two reasons: it’s the way it has always been done, and it
provides a workspace for the advisor.

Unfortunately, just because
something has always been done a certain way doesn’t make it right. The answer
is to have service podiums (or stands) that allow the advisor to quickly step
from behind the podium to greet the customer, and also allow your advisors to
easily show the customer their computer screen. These podiums can be large
enough to provide each advisor with the necessary workspace, and are
customer-friendly at the same time. Not only will podiums have a positive
impact on your sales, but they’ll also help bring a new and contemporary look
to your facility.

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