Elite KPI Diagnostic Report




Elite’s KPI Diagnostic Report gives you the extraordinary opportunity to have two of the most successful shop owners in America thoroughly review your business, and tell you what specific changes you can make to have the biggest impact on your bottom line!

First, industry superstar Joe Marconi will put together a diagnostic report that tells you where your shop lands with the 8 most important key performance indicators, and how you can move those numbers in the right direction to become more profitable.

Next, one of the top shop owners in America will spend time on the phone with you to answer any and all questions, and provide you with easy-to-apply recommendations on the steps to take your shop to the next level.

With the KPI Diagnostic Report you receive:

  • A comprehensive diagnostic report on YOUR shop, created by industry superstar Joe Marconi.
  • An in-depth 1-on-1 review of your shop’s KPIs with one of America’s top shop owners.
  • Easy-to-apply guidance on what numbers you need to focus on, and what changes you need to make to see huge increases in your shop’s profits!

Get the KPI Diagnostic Report for your shop today, and get ready for extraordinary results!