Finding Top Techs




We know how difficult it is to find top techs, but what if you had the support of an industry leading shop owner guiding you with their first-hand experience?

Elite’s Finding Top Techs delivers that exact opportunity, as you’ll be able to spend time on the phone with a shop owner recruiting expert who will teach you what works, and help you put together a plan to find the top techs in your community.

When you purchase this package you’ll also receive:

Elite’s checklist for 12 proven ways to find top techs
Tools to create a compensation & incentive program that attracts superstars
Elite’s revolutionary employment ads… that work!

We’re so confident that you’ll be thrilled with your plan to find top techs, that if it doesn’t meet with your expectations in any way, we’ll gladly give you your money back!

Purchase the Finding Top Techs package today to stop worrying about the labor shortage, and get the right plan in place!